AVID Pro Tools HD2 with Core and Accel PCI-e
Digidesign 192 I/O interface
Digidesign SYNC I/O Master Clock
Mac Pro
- 2x3.0 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
- 8 Gb 667 MHz Ram
- 23in HD display with duel secondary monitors
- over 4 Tb hard drive space
- 24 I/O
Apogee Rosetta A/D
- 24bit 96k analog to digital conversion
- 8 channel analog to digital and digital to analog conversion
- 2 channel analog to digital conversion
- HA4600 4 channel Headphone amp

Pro Tools HD 9
Logic Pro 9
Waves Diamond Bundle
Softube Plug-ins (Tube-Tech CL1B, Trident A-Range, Amp Room, etc.)
Celemoney Melodyne
Anatares Auto Tune Evo
Soundtoys Native Effects Bundle (Decapitator, Echoboy, etc.)
Native Instruments Samplers (Battery, Kontact, Absynth, etc.)
Guitar Rig 2.0
PSP plug-ins (Lexicon delays)
Steven Massey Plug-ins
And Lots more plug-ins…
Plus over 200 Gb of Samples and Sound Effects

Neumann UM57 vintage tube (m7 capsule)
Neumann U87ai (x2)
Neumann TLM 193
Neumann KM 183
Neumann KM 84
CharterOak SA538 tube
Blue Baby Bottle
Cascade Fathead Ribbon (x2)
Audio Technica 3031
Sennheiser EW112
Sennheiser 421 (x2)
Shure sm7b
Shure KSM27
Shure sm58 (2)
Shure sm57 (2)
Azden SMG1X
MXL 990
Audix I5
Audix D6
Audix F10 (3)
Audix F12
Audix F15 (2)

API 312 mic pre (x4)
BAE Neve 1073 MP (x2)
Avalon 737 with Babyface Mod
Universal Audio LA-610 (x3)
Universal Audio M610 tube
Universal Audio 1176 compressor (x2)
UREI LA-12 stereo compressor
Webster Faraday Tube Compressor
ADM 1541 stereo EQ
Empiricle Labs Distressor
Summit Audio 2ba-221
Chameleon Labs 7602
Art Pro MPA
GML 9550
Focusrite Voice Master Pro

Yamaha HS80s
Yamaha HS50s (x5)
Yamaha HS10w sub
Mackie Big Knob Command System
Denon UDRA F10s
Roland MA-8
Panasonic SA-HT67
Audio Technica M50 Headphones
Sony Professional Headphones
Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones
AKG K44 Headphones
Sennheiser HD 595 Headphones

Korm Karma Music Work Station Keyboard
Roland A-30 Midi Controller Keyboard
Pacific CX Series Drums
Fender DeVille 4x10 tube amp
Marshall AVT100 guitar amp
Gibson SG guitar (x2)
Fender American Telecaster
Ibanez GSR200 Bass
Martin DX1 Acoustic Guitar
Several Acoustic Nylon String Guitars
12 String Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Mackie 1604 Analog Mixer
Shure AMS8000 Mixer
Fostex FR2
Several Congo Drums
Handmade Native American drums
Yamaha YTR 2335 Trumpet
Yark National 630 Trumpet
Rogue Banjo

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